A Remarkable AI Forum Empowering Northward Expansion!

On May 25th, the 5th Silk Road Youth Scholar Forum’s Xi’an-Xianyang New Area Sub-forum was successfully held in Jinghe New Town. The unveiling ceremony of the “China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association Xi’an-Xianyang Office” and the “Jinghe New Town Talent Workstation at Shaanxi University” was held, and the “Jinghe New Town Talent Service Guarantee System Construction Plan” was officially released. These initiatives aim to provide talent support for the high-quality development of the Xi’an-Xianyang New Area and Jinghe New Town.

The forum, themed “Talent Gathering in Jinghe, Wisdom Leading the Future,” aimed to explore cutting-edge knowledge in artificial intelligence, create an exchange platform for young scholars both domestic and international, encourage and attract outstanding talents to start businesses and develop in the Xi’an-Xianyang New Area and Jinghe New Town, and contribute talent to the innovation-driven platform of Qin Chuangyuan. The event was organized by the Xi’an-Xianyang New Area Jinghe New Town Party Committee and Administrative Committee, and co-hosted by the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association. It was undertaken by the Jinghe New Town Party Committee Talent Office and Xi’an-Xianyang Talent Group.

Distinguished guests, including foreign academicians of the European Academy of Humanities and Natural Sciences, foreign academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Jiao Licheng, the Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology at Xidian University and the Director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Li Xian, the Deputy Secretary of the Xi’an-Xianyang New Area Party Working Committee, Wang Daoan, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee at Shaanxi University, Ren Bingqun, the Deputy Secretary of the Jinghe New Town Party Committee, Zhang Rongrong, a member of the Jinghe New Town Party Committee, and Liu Yuanyuan, a researcher at the Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance, as well as Yuan Yirong, the Minister of the Business Development Department and the Science and Education Department of the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association, and Shen Cheng, a senior data scientist at Elsevier, were invited to attend the event.

During the event, Li Xian awarded the appointment letters of “Qin Chuang Original Talents, Think Tank Consultants” to experts and scholars such as Shen Cheng, Liu Yuanyuan, and Yuan Yirong. Together with Liu Yuanyuan, Li Xian also unveiled the “China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association Xi’an-Xianyang Office.” Ren Bingqun and Wang Daoan jointly unveiled the “Jinghe New Town Talent Workstation at Shaanxi University.”

In his speech, Ren Bingqun stated that in recent years, Jinghe New Town has consistently adhered to the development positioning of being the “strategic core gathering area north of Xi’an.” They have made every effort to build Xi’an as a “new engine for scientific and technological innovation and a new highland for advanced manufacturing.” The town has focused on key industries such as new energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, aerospace, and smart homes, and has vigorously attracted scientific and technological innovation enterprises, research institutes, innovation centers, and more. They have placed significant emphasis on talent attraction, nurturing, and development, and have strived to aggregate innovative resources. The town has successfully hosted events like the “Belt and Road” Artificial Intelligence Summit and the VEX Robotics Asia Open in 2020 and 2021, and has implemented projects such as the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Development Base and the DX Artificial Intelligence Science and Practice Base. With this forum as an opportunity, Jinghe New Town will deeply implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, accelerate the integration of technology and the economy, synergize the innovation chain and industrial chain layout, promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and attract more high-quality resources and innovative elements in the field of artificial intelligence to gather in Jinghe New Town. They will continuously drive the development of the artificial intelligence industry forward and contribute to the high-quality development of Xi’an and the Xi’an-Xianyang New Area through the strength of Jinghe New Town.

At the forum, representatives from renowned domestic and international universities, research institutions, and artificial intelligence enterprises delivered keynote speeches on topics such as “Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding,” “ChatGPT: Influence and Prospects,” “AI Development Trends and Far-reaching Implications for the Belt and Road,” and “Miscellaneous Discussions on Artificial Intelligence.”

More than 200 participants attended the event, including key officials from the relevant departments of the Xixian New Area and Jinghe New Town, experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence, overseas talents, young scholars, representatives from artificial intelligence-related companies, and high-level talents.

(Content Source: Xixian New Area, Jinghe New Town)