Executive committee

Wei Zhang

Mr Wei Zhang is an Executive Director on the Board of Directors of one of top 5 Chinese Investment banks London subsidiary. Wei Zhang has deep knowledge and experience in capital market from his over 12 years’ experience . Prior to join the current company, Mr Zhang worked in the Chief Investment Office (CIO) of J.P. Morgan. His other previous employers include Royal Bank of Scotland and PwC. Wei Zhang was also the founder of Topplar Ltd , which is an online social network platform for the students. Graduating from the London School of Politics and Economics (LSE), Mr Zhang is a member of the Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ACA – ICAEW).

Jiahao Sun

Jiahao Sun is the lead A.I. engineer of an innovation lab of RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). He is recognized by the UK Home Office as an outstanding expert in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence field and was entitled UK’s Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa. Prior to RBC, he co-founded UiiTech Ltd., an Artificial Intelligence start-up aiming to reinvent digital marketing industry, and he was the Chief Data Scientist at TypeScore (a FinTech company focusing on credit scoring) . He holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oxford.

Zhikai Xie

Zhikai XIE has over 10 years of prop trading and investment experiences focusing on commodities in global leading institutions including trading house and multi billion hedge funds. He is passionate about technology and firmly believes that AI will revolutionize the world of investments. He graduated from Peking University in China and Sciences-Po Paris in France. 

Zhenhai Li

Zhenhai Li, principal, head of medium-term strategies and a member of investment committee in an Oxford based asset management company. Zhenhai is passionate about developing systematic equity market neutral strategies, including Chinese market strategies, and the application of machine learning to quantitative trading. Zhenhai holds a PhD in Control Engineering from Imperial College London and a BEng in Automation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is also a CFA holder.

Xinghui Tao

Xinghui Tao is a machine learning research and development consultant. During the past 10 years, he has led teams of domain experts, data scientists and software engineers to deliver ML solutions to clients around the world including Verizon Wireless, AVL, Warren Henry, Foxconn, ZF and Singapore Government.
He has in-depth understanding of deep learning architectures and rich experience of ML project landing. He has worked as Chief Technical Architect at Phoenix TV European and Smiley Co., and VP of Data Science Operations at Eriden and MeScience.
He holds MSc of Computing Science and M.Phil of Professional Development from UCL and Analyst Certificate of Social Physics Big Data from MIT.

Zhen Liu

Zhen Liu is currently working for Aberdeen Standard Investment. He is a quant analyst in Quantitative Investment team. Mainly working on developing mid/long term quantitative equity strategy, including applying AI techniques for next generation investment model. Prior to that, he was a research associate in Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, focusing on big data analysis for genome sequencing. Zhen has obtained his PhD in Statistis from Lancaster University.

William Xu

William Xu, a Chartered Accountant, currently works for a large foreign currencies exchange company (Currencies Direct) as Group Financial Controller, is responsible for the group finance and taxation. William Xu worked for several large companies including a FTSE 100 listed company, and has decades experience in the Group finance and management. His main focus is on the company operations, financing and acquisitions. He is very interested in artificial intelligence, and believes that much of the work currently being done will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence systems. William Xu holds a Bachelor degree with the first class honours from Lincoln University, New Zealand, and also was awarded a full scholarship for his master degree.

Jinwei Zhang

Jingwei Zhang is a Data scientist at Dunnhumby (Tesco), the world’s first customer data science platform. She has rich experience in applying machine learning and AI techniques to expand customer knowledge and optimize assortment,marketing and price strategy. Her research interest include natural language processing, recommendation system and network analysis. She also co-founded an edu-tech company, developing AI-driven online learning platform and mobile applications.She holds two MSc degrees on Neurolinguistics and Data Science from University College London.

Veronica Cheng

Veronica Cheng is a Senior Consultant in the Data Science team under Deloitte Risk Advisory practice. She holds a PhD degree in statistics from London School of Economics (LSE). She has worked on many NLP and data science related projects and has provided solutions for different clients in the financial industry. She has a wide range of statistics and machine learning knowledge, including regression analysis, time series, applied probability, Bayesian inference, topic modelling, tree-based algorithms, neural nets etc., and extensive programming experience in Python and R.

Kezhi Li

Kezhi Li is a researcher at Imperial College London (ICL), with over 10 years research experience in signal processing and machine learning in healthcare and quantum physics. Kezhi has published over 50 scientific papers, including IEEE Trans., Physical Rev., Nature Methods, and top AI workshops and conferences such as NIPS, IJCAI, ICASSP, IFAC, etc. Kezhi graduated from ICL and Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China.

Yuanyuan Liu
Dr Yuanyuan Liu joined AIG in 2013, and is currently the Managing Director heading the global machine learning function within AIG’s Investments AI department. During the past 8 years, he has initiated and led multiple global projects such as SME loss-risk analysis, client lifetime value model, recommender system, etc. Most recently, he is working on AIG’s innovative R&D projects to build and apply cutting-edge machine learning algorithms in insurance and investment, using generative model and sequential model in shallow and deep architectures. Dr Liu’s global team has published a series of papers in NIPS, ICML, AAAI, ICASSP for granular and accurate insurance pricing, equity volatility forecasting, efficient multi-mode data samplings, and index tracking. Yuanyuan graduated from the University of Oxford with a DPhil in Statistical Machine Learning (Supervisor: Prof Brian Ripley) and a MSc in Applied Statistics. Prior to that, he studied a Mathematics with Statistics major in the University of Bristol.
Xing Zhang

Xing Zhang, is working in a world-leading cyber-security company, responsible for software R&D and Machine Learning technology integration. Industrial experience is mainly focused on image processing algorithm development and intelligent system development, such as An infrared intelligent monitoring system for elders in home environment, and A real-time hand washing monitoring and hygiene quality classification system for NHS staff. He Graduated from the University of Wales, Aberyswyth with a PhD, studying early cognitive development on robotic vision. Undertook post-doctoral research in King’s Colleage London, focusing on competitive neural networks, its explanation for vision development in neural science and its application to adaptive robotics.

Chongxian Zhu

Chongxian Zhu is a director of quantitative research in the front office of Lloyds Banking Group. His expertise spans the spectrum from exotics and hybrids valuation, flow products pricing and electronic trading, to risk models. Currently, he is leading a team to implement large scale portfolio analytics, by introducing new technologies such as big data and cloud computing, and exploring machine learning techniques. Chongxian is an applied mathematician by training and holds a PhD in Control Theory from Imperial College London.

Dr. Zhu Li is a research fellow at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at University College London (UCL), an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London, and an executive director of the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association. His primary research interests include the theoretical optimization of large language models, the application and theoretical foundations of kernel methods in machine learning, the theoretical analysis of randomised Fourier algorithms, overfitting and generalisation in deep learning, and the fairness of machine learning algorithms. He received his PhD from the Department of Statistics at Oxford University and has published papers in conferences and journals such as ICML, JMLR, and PR, and has been nominated for the Best Paper Award at ICML.

Previous committee members

Yuqian Song

Yuqian Song, Principal Data Scientist at Mckinsey & Co. and previously lead the data science team in Deutsche Bank and Barclays Bank in London. He focuses on applied A.I. and fintech solutions for financial organisations. Yuqian holds a PhD from Trinity College, Dublin and a BSc from Tongji University.

Lin Liu

Lin Liu is a lead data scientist at one of top financial institutions in the U.K. Lin has more than ten years of experience in data engineering and data science field. His main interest is applying AI and machine learning techniques in financial industry. Lin was awarded doctorate degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University of Strathclyde.

Tao Cao

Tao Cao, Lead Data Scientist at IQVIA. His work combines data science with human science to provide innovative solutions to healthcare providers. Currently he focuses on developing data-driven predictive models to improve clinical trials performance and implementing automatic analytic tools and systems to detect rare diseases.

Liuqing Chen

Liuqing Chen is a co-founder of Smart-Pix, a startup focusing on intelligent processing solutions with images and videos using cutting-edge AI technologies such as generative adversarial networks (GANs), where he is responsible for core ML models R&D and deployment. He graduated from Imperial College London as a PhD working on Machine Learning in Design (MLinD). During his PhD, he did several projects on human creativity using ML and data-driven methods, such as the creativity engine B-Link, artificial intelligence (AI) for combinational creativity, and human-in-the-loop design. His general interest is about the applications of artificial intelligence techniques in various fields.

Yan Zhuang

Yan Zhuang (Jessica) is a data and business intelligence analyst, providing brand protection and data analysis service on marketplace, social media and digital advertising for world-renowned brands and media groups. Yan previously worked as a data analyst in the central administrative section of China Central Television (state TV of China). Yan holds an MSc in Big Data Science from Queen Mary University of London and an MFA in Radio and Television from Peking University.

Cheng Shen

Shen Cheng, Senior Data Scientist at Elsevier/RELX. He focuses on applying various machine learning, reinforcement learning, NLP, social network analysis and graph algorithms to improve the performance of recommendation systems, helping millions of researchers to discover new/relevant articles in their fields of interest. Cheng holds a MSc in math with distinction from Durham University and a BSc in theoretical physics from Nanjing University.

Xulin Chen

Xulin (Catherine) Chen has 10 years of work experience in retail banking and financial services. She worked for GE Capital and ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) with a focus on applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to credit risk management and process automation. She is passionate about solving business problems with machine learning techniques. Currently she ranks top 1% on the largest data science competition platform Kaggle. She holds a bachelor degree in Statistics from Huazhong Science and Technology University and a master degree in Business Management from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Dr. Xinghao Qiao

Dr. Xinghao Qiao is an assistant professor of Statistics at London School of Economics (LSE). He is an expert on statistical methodology in the area of functional data analysis, high dimensional statistics, complex time series and statistical machine learning, with particular applications in Business, Neuroimaging and Environmental Sciences. He has published extensively in world leading journals and teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses at LSE ranging from linear and generalised linear models to modern machine learning and data mining techniques. Prior to joining LSE, Dr. Qiao earned his PhD in Business Statistics at University of Southern California, M.S. in Statistics at University of Chicago and B.S. in Mathematics and Physics at Tsinghua University.

Henry Qi

Henry Qi is an angel investor with portfolios in multiple UK based Fintech companies. He has gained intensive insights and knowledge in Foreign Exchange, Challenger Banking models and Open-Banking usage by liaising with regulatory bodies and leading industry FinTechs and individuals within the field. He is now the Chief Business Officer and Head of Asia Pacific for a disruptive UK NeoBank who’s combining the best functionalities of “Challenger Banks” with innovative Open Banking and security features. – Sync.Money.

Hannah Pan

Hannah Pan is CCO of a blockchain infrastructure service provider. She’s a collaborator of Oxford-Octa Lab in Digital Economics. She has over ten years of consultation and management experience in global regulatory compliance for multiple sectors. Her interest is to help innovators and corporates with risk mitigation and clarity of regulations in the ever changing world of AI and other technologies. She holds a MSc in Digital Signal Processing from QMUL, dual bachelor’s degrees from Shanghai Jiaotong University in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Accounting.