2023 QinChuangyuan Talent Summit: A Call for Global Talent

(Source: XiXian New Area)

On March 20th, the opening ceremony of the 2023 QinChuangyuan Talent Summit and Talent Activity Week was held at the Xi’an International Conference Center, hosted by the Xi’an Jiaotong University and the XiXian New Area with guidance from the Talent Office of Shaanxi Provincial Committee and the Talent Office of the Xi’an Municipal Committee. The global “call for talent” was released, involving over 400 companies and key employers in the new area, and recruiting 25,000 talents worldwide, including:

  • 21,000 engineering and technical talent positions, mainly related to industries such as photovoltaics, new energy, and advanced manufacturing.
  • 789 entrepreneurship and management talent positions, mainly related to industries such as chips, design, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine.
  • 1,579 young scientific and technological talent positions, mainly related to industries such as artificial intelligence, new materials, and intelligent connected vehicles.
  • 1,312 education talent positions covering various stages and disciplines.
  • 568 high-end talent positions, mainly for leading researchers, industry leaders, business management personnel, capital operation personnel, and self-employed talents familiar with international conventions, from Xi’an Jiaotong University and Xi’an University of Technology Aoxiang industrial park.

According to the content of the “Three Pools and One Machine Mechanism” strategic cooperation agreement, the shared platform of the “Three Pools and One Machine Mechanism” consists of talent pool, fund pool, project pool, and docking mechanism as the main content. Following the concept of “universities hiring, enterprises using, and government assisting,” the Innovation Port will be developed into an innovation-driven engine for the gathering of high-level talents and innovative resources in Shaanxi Province. It will serve to attract high-end talents to settle in the Innovation Port, promote the local incubation of scientific and technological achievements, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of innovation in the Innovation Port, and promote the deep integration of the industrial chain and innovation chain.

During the theme-sharing session, Rong Mingzhe, Zhang Jinrong, the Honorary President of Wanbao Shenghua (China), Ding Guojie, Secretary-General of the China Talent Exchange Association, and Leng Ming, Secretary-General of the Zhongguancun Talent Association, gave keynote speeches on topics such as “Shouldering National Missions abd Build a Talent Highland,” “Talent Exchange Promotes Technological Innovation,” and “Talent Training in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.” Additionally, Liu Xingsheng, Chairman and General Manager of Juguang Technology, and Xie Zhikai, Co-Founder of the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association and Senior Investment Manager at Hartree Partners, also gave their insights on the aforementioned topics.

“I can deeply feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere and talent vitality that has risen in Xi’an New Area” said Zhang Ting, the person in charge of Xi’an Nonglian Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Xi’an New Area has provided a good platform for talent innovation and entrepreneurship, allowing everyone to work with peace of mind and wholeheartedly create , and realize their value on the stage of a national-level new area. The person in charge of Xi’an OkCloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. also expressed that the Talent Week event held in Xi’an New Area has a high level of specifications and rich content in the coming days. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all parties, more efficient and innovative resources will continue to flow towards this platform.

The Talent Week event, themed “Qin Dynamic Wisdom, Create and Promote the Future, Original Dream Starting Point,” will be held from the 20th to the 31st of March, and will include a series of activities such as the Qin Creativity Global Talent “Talent Wanted List” activity, Qin Creativity Talent Lecture Hall, Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Experience in Qin Creativity Original and Postdoctoral Forum, Exploration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teams in Qin Creativity Original and Key Industry Chain Special Matching Meeting, Third Shaanxi Province Overseas Returnees Entrepreneurship and Employment Exchange and First Qin Creativity Original Overseas Returnees Talent Special Matching Meeting, High-level Technology Talents Entering Qin Creativity Original Activity and R&D Talent Exchange and Negotiation Meeting, and Qin Creativity Original Talent Week Continuation and Qin Creativity Original Science and Technology Innovation Results Exhibition, etc.

XiXian New Area has achieved exponential growth in both the quantity and quality of talents. Since 2022, the number of newly introduced and recognised high-level talents has increased by 195% compared to the previous year, while the number of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in QinChuang Yuan has increased by 120%. The number of newly added technology transfer enterprises, technology-based SMEs, and national high-tech enterprises are 2.5 times, 2.4 times, and 2.2 times that of 2021, respectively. Several indicators, such as fixed asset investment, the total number of market entities, and the number of new “Five Up” enterprises, are ranked first in the city.