The 2023 CBAIA Technology Entrepreneurs Christmas Exchange organized by Seaside Tech was successfully held

This year has been challenging for many friends, with the deteriorating economic environment making individual struggles seem insignificant. In the face of the current of the times, trying to go with the flow often leads to hardship. However, life must go on. Embracing the concept of “lying flat” is not the choice for us. In order to inspire everyone’s anticipation for a better future, our association and Seaside Tech have jointly organized this scientific and technological innovation exchange combined with a Christmas party as the year-end event.

This event not only provides an excellent opportunity for scientific and technological innovation exchanges but also creates a joyful festive atmosphere, making it the highlight of our association’s activities this year.

From the initial conception to preparation and the eventual successful hosting, the entire process took only two weeks. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Seaside Tech, the substantial support from Mr. Niuda, as well as the active sharing from numerous project founders and valuable advice from the judging panel. Furthermore, this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of our association’s staff.

Special thanks go to every member. Despite train strikes, subway delays, and adverse weather conditions, they unwaveringly chose to contribute their enthusiasm and dedication to our association’s event.

Our association extends the sincerest holiday wishes to everyone: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May everyone enjoy good health and success in the coming year! Looking forward to meeting again next year!