The Long-Term Strategic Collaboration between Shanghai Zhangjiang Group and the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association

In the afternoon of May 23, 2023, Mr. Yu Hongliang, the General Manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Technology Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd., led a delegation to visit London. Their footsteps halted at the conference room of the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association located at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit of UCL, for an in-depth discussion on global AI collaboration.

During this exchange, Dr. Li Zhu, a board member of the association and a researcher at the Gatsby Center, provided a detailed overview of the center’s development trajectory and its significant contributions to advancing global AI research. Similarly, Dr. Yin Tengfei, an Amazon senior engineer and also a board member of the association, showcased the unique application of large-scale models in the e-commerce field to the leaders of Zhangjiang Group.

Mr. Yu Hongliang also introduced to the attendees Zhangjiang Group’s comprehensive layout in the AI industry, expressing deep appreciation for the long-term strategic collaboration maintained with the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Zhangjiang Group cordially invited experts and members of the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association to attend the World AI Conference, hosted by Zhangjiang Group in early July in Shanghai. In a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, both parties agreed to meet again in Shanghai, leaving behind great anticipation.