CBAIA Partners with PHBS UK Campus to launch AI Course for Executives

On 21st May 2019, CBAIA and PKU Oxford Campus has launched an AI course for executives. 

This programme aims to help students to develop a comprehensive overview of the latest AI technologies and applications as well as a systematic understanding of key concepts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It will equip individuals with essential skills to identify potential use cases in their daily work and navigate through this technological revolution.

The programme contains six intensive modules with a series of lectures and guest talks. All the modules are taught by the world leading researchers and industrial experts in the field. Topics will cover various perspectives of AI, including its development and social impacts, technologies and industrial applications, transformation and innovation. There are also practical project tutorials and programming/analytics workshops to help students to apply AI techniques on real-world business problems.

Highlights of the AI course

Photos with the lecturers

The broader team behind the AI course development