“Artificial Intelligence Era · Intelligent Finance” Forum was held in Hangzhou

14th May 2021

On May 14, the “Artificial Intelligence Era · Intelligent Finance Forum” co-sponsored by Zhejiang University Internet Finance Research Institute, China Merchants Bank and China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association, and supported by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Luxembourg subsidiary, was held on the bank of Hangzhou Qiantang River .

“人工智能时代·智能金融”论坛在杭举行 政产学研各界共探AI发展

The forum aims to promote the in-depth development of AI in all areas, and the cooperation, exchanges and project landing of all areas of life in the field of artificial intelligence.

Top AI technicians and experts from various fields such as Zhejiang University, China-British Artificial Intelligence Association, China Merchants Bank, and Huawei discussed the development and future of the artificial intelligence at the forum.

The China-British Artificial Intelligence Association and the Director of Artificial Intelligence at Royal Bank of Canada, Jiahao Sun, delivered a keynote speech on “Reinforcement Learning Empowers Knowledge Graph, Building the Cornerstone of Intelligent Finance”.

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