【AI Cloud Workshop】When Finance meets BERT

27th Jun 2020

CBAIA invites you to join our next free online fellow talk: When Finance meets BERT. We will explore the pain points of adopting BERT and NLP in financial sector with exceptional industrial practitioner and researcher. Everyone interested in this topic please feel free to join us and you are welcome to exchange your view with our other fellow members online.

Kai Xin is senior data scientist at Refinitiv Labs (Singapore), focusing on applied research of large scale data products for the finance industry with techniques like risk propagation using knowledge graphs and deep learning for NLP. He specializes in research, development, and deployment of large scale machine learning models. Kai Xin is also the co-founder of DataScience SG, a data community with 9,000+ members that held 70+ meetups over the last six years. Kai Xin holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, specializing in Interactive Intelligence. 

Bo Li is an experienced deep learning/natural language processing (NLP) engineer formerly worked in Morgan Stanley and J.P Morgan and currently in a start-up company OakNorth. He has a strong research interest in transformer-based models (e.g. BERT, XLNet) and GANs with publications in top AI conferences e.g. NIPS. He obtained a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh

Time:27th June 2020, 14h:00-15h00, London Time