【AI Cloud Workshop】The challenge of applying artificial intelligence to mass-produced cars

31st Oct 2020

Tesla, Nvidia, Google, NIO, Ideal, BAT, Huawei, who will be the winner of autonomous driving? Electrification, intelligence, which one is the future of the automotive industry?

We are honored to invite a well-known expert in the field of intelligent driving in China, the world’s first mass-produced L3 intelligent driving system developer, and the head of Geely intelligent driving, Mr. Wang, to present you a drama of intelligent driving’s past and present. Welcome All friends who are interested in intelligent driving !

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Date/Time: 31st Oct 2020,London Time 1pm

Place: DingTalk group chat CBAIA workshop

Speaker:Mr Cheng Wang, at the Intelligent Electronic Software Center of Geely Automobile Research Institute, responsible for the mass production and development of intelligent driving for Geely Automobile Group’s Geely, Lynk & Co, Smart, Lotus and other brands. Graduated from the Technical University of Munich in 2004. In 2007, he participated in the DARPA Urban Challenge world unmanned car challenge as the head of the intelligent driving car research project of the German Academy of Sciences, and entered the intelligent driving industry. From 2010 to 2018, he was responsible for the development of the world’s first mass-produced L3 intelligent driving system as the safety leader and mass production project manager of Audi in Germany.